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How Reviews Can Benefit A Host

Being an Airbnb has many beneficial perks that can be not only lucrative but fun as well. But in most cases in anything where it is good, there is also bad as well. The good thing is that it does not have to be viewed as a negative, but if anything you can gain it as a learning opportunity. One of the great things about Airbnb is that it allows its host to read reviews from other hosts who may have had a bad experience with a guest. For example, say if a guest were to book one of your rentals. For whatever reason, if you had certain suspicion that something seemed wrong with that guest you could read up on reviews on this guest and their stay with other hosts. This is a great option because ultimately it could save you the time, and the hassle of not even having to deal with the guest who has a bad track record of abiding house rules. Sometimes that may not always be the case, and you may not find out if the guest is going to be difficult until that time is already present. I had the experience where I heard a story about a bad experience a host had with a guest and I wondered what the outcome was. In this situation, the guest wanted to cancel within an hour of the scheduled check-in time. When it was explained to the guest that if they choose to cancel, that a cancelation fee would be applied as previously discussed weeks before the check-in the guest was, of course, upset about it. Ultimate the guest decided to show up for the check-in. and keep the reservation for the weekend. It did not end there throughout the weekend the guest constantly had sent messages and complained about little details and had an attitude when communicating what the issues were. The Host told me that although there were irritated about the situation that the best thing to do in the situation if ever faced with it still always remains professional. Respond to whatever complaints or issues the guest was having and deal with everything else that is not critical at a later time. Once the guest checks out they left the place in a total mess and did not want to follow any of the check-out instructions. The host explained to me that they defiantly gain this experience as a learning opportunity. In this case, this was the guest first time using Airbnb, so there were no reviews posted about their previous history. But what the host was able to do was leave a review about the experience with that particular guest, in hopes that it could help benefit the next host who may come into contact with them. Reviews are a very important tool to utilize rater you are the host or the guest.

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