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"Importance of Theme Rentals"

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

One of the unique qualities of Hosting through Airbnb is the ability to create Themes of the rental and personalize your own space. Not just for your amusement but that of your guest as well. One of the things that I enjoy so much about Airbnb is creative Freedom you have. I use to be one of those travelers that were never pleased with my hotel stays. The main reason being that the décor felt bland to me. For me, my experience was that the cheaper hotels that I could afford in my budget were not appealing to me when it came to the décor and also very small with limited space. Which in my case really sucked because for the most part when I travel I am usually traveling with a group or my family, very seldom would I travel alone. A then with the more expensive hotels that I would stay at, the rooms would be nice but no personal details just the standard blinds and headboards, lamps and etc. So far me it was a lose situation overall, because if I am paying top dollar room service is nice and all but at least when I walk in the room I would like to say “Wow this is amazing!” instead of oh wow this is nice while thinking how this looks like every other nice hotel I have stayed in before. With Airbnb, you get that home felt the passion that you can tell the host put an effort in putting together the home. Another important key factor I feel is important to Theme rentals is variety. Variety is important because of the different options that a guest can choose from. I know for me that when It comes to Themes of a rental I look for certain details when I am about to book the room. For Example usually, when I am staying in a certain attraction city I want to see décor of that city and all the attractions that it has to offer. I remember when I went to San Francisco and stayed in a townhome with my family it was so amazing and one of the best themes I have seen applied to a rental thus far. The theme was San Francisco itself and the details were throughout the whole home and not just one room in the house. I also like those décor items in the house were just subtle enough and not overwhelming at all. Memorable items that I recall was The Golden Gate Bridge Wall art that took up most of the Living Room Wall. There was a classic black and white photo of Alcatraz hanging in one of the bathrooms. A Fisherman’s Wharf themed bedroom and Lombard Street in the kitchen and the host left Ghirardelli chocolates in a gift basket, which I loved their headquarters are in San Francisco which I thought was cool and creative. The experience was Wonderful and I told myself that the next time that I go back to San Francisco if that Rental is available I would book it over and over again. I just loved that it made me feel like a tourist and at home all at the same time. I hope that any host reading this article would give the idea of having a theme in your home as a possibility. If you do not want to commit to the whole home, maybe start with just one room in the house. Let your creativity drive you. It does not have to be a city theme there are other themes you can consider like Farmers Market and or as simple as a contemporary theme in general. I wish you the best of luck on your creative journey and may your home be a unique rental for Airbnb Host to enjoy to fullest.

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