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My First Airbnb Experience!

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

Using Airbnb for your first time can be a wonderful experience and but also a scary one as well. Hopefully, this article can help put your mind at ease to where you have a wonderful experience and will be the first of many for your Airbnb stay! When selecting a listing from the website you can be overwhelmed at first by all of the selections that you may have to choose from. I know the first time I stayed at an Airbnb I was flustered at first, but they excited because I had so many options. Having a variety to me is better than having none at all. For my first Airbnb, I was actually putting together a girl’s weekend for my birthday! I choose Austin, TX for the location and was so happy to see the options available to me. I wanted to make sure that I was close to the heart of the city and all that it had to offer like shopping and of course 6th street. I recommend that when choosing your location make sure that it is going to be in a reasonable commute depending on, exactly where you are wanting to be located at. When booking the listing I had no problems at all I was contacted within 24-Hours of submitting my request. The Customer Service was exceptional, the host who reached out to me was able to let me know about the prices in detail and was able to answer all the questions I had, including Tourist attractions. My Host also informed me that there would be an additional fee since I had other guest and that would be included with the price for that weekend. I was super excited that I found the perfect place for me and my friends. It was an apartment that had 2 levels to it and could fit 8 guest which was perfect. On the day of the scheduled tour, I was thrilled to see that the pictures of the Apartment looked exactly like the website photos. This was practically important to me because since it was my first time using Airbnb and that is was in a city that I did not live in I was worried. The tour to me was the absolute best experience for me because the host made me feel like I was at home. There was a gift basket on the kitchen counter and the apartment was extremely clean and felt very welcoming! I loved all the décor and how it tied in with the city of Austin by having wall art and other items that highlighted Austin’s main tourist Attractions. My Host provided me with items such as laundry detergent body wash towels and snacks which I did not expect. I was especially happy that my girlfriends liked the apartment when they arrived as well, it just made the rest of any reservations that I had at the time disappear. Overall my experience was amazing from the time I checked in to the time that I checked out. I made sure that the apartment was cleaned and all Items were put back to its original place as my host was very thorough in explaining the check-out procedures along with the handbook instructions as well. This experience completely changed my original thoughts about using Airbnb I plan to use it from this point on, in my personal opinion hotels are a thing of the past. I hope that by writing this article that any skeptics of Airbnb would be willing to get it a try, and have an amazing first experience as I did.

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