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Why Training Matters!

We receive inquiries from people all over the world, so very EXCITED at the idea of becoming what we refer to as a "rentalpreuner", it sounds exciting and liberating, right? Starting your own business is a great adventure and one that we hope you take very seriously. Just like someone who has never driven a car before would not get behind the wheel of a car without training, practice and a drivers permit (we hope) aspiring hosts should not jump headfirst in the vacation rental business without the tools needed to be successful. Knowledge is power and in this industry bad reviews from novice errors, can cost you thousands of dollars and even end your business before it is even given a chance to get started. Here at BNB University we equip our students with the solid foundation of tried and true best practices, insider tools and a knowledge pool that is second to none from some of the best hosts in the world! As the home sharing market becomes more competitive and major players are now tapping in to this billion dollar industry, it is more important than ever that you know how to have a competitive edge. This is where BNB University sets you apart from the rest! Contact us to find out more information about our next class!

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